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We life in a world formed by humans for humans. Our environment is formed like we need it and a high percentage of nature is used and is not “natural” anymore. The fact that our environment is formed also creates the question if there is a different, or better form for it. A fairer, more social and ecological more friendly and sustainable world for everybody. A world created by humans can also be changed by humans, it is not immovable. It’s important to think in chances and use design as a way to create solutions by rethinking processes that don‘t serve us. (Vgl. Adreas Koop, Schön und gut, 2019, S. 35)


Water is the most important resource. It is the planets lifeblood and a necessity for all organisms and living species, but it also has a monitary value. This is a conflict of interest. Social needs are set against commercial needs and someone has to advocate for the non-commercial use of water. As designers it is also our task to make information visible and understandable for a broad audience. People consume pictures  faster than text or statistics. We, as designers, are able to fill a gap of information flow and to inform the public. That is why my project would be to visualize the water lifeline, effects and problems of power plants and river regulations.

I want to remind people daily and that is why I would like to design an everyday item for tapwater which is used in every household and workplace. The special design should make people talk about water and give information about power plants and river regulation. Every sold item, for example a drinking-set, should be used to finance the protection of our rivers and ecosystem. It’s important for me to work with sustainable materials and also think about a way to make it multifunctional.

Furthermore I would love to create an installation connected to the topic. The installation should visualize the difference between natural water ecosystem and what happens if it is disrupted. The drinking-set should be a small part of this installation. Like waterdrops which spread out and transport the discussion through design. It would also be interesting to create an App for information about rivers. Where do they come from, where do they go to and are they disrupted, how is there water quality and ecosystem etc. I would like to learn new techniques and information to realize my project step by step.


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